The Types of Clients That You Might Meet as An Escort

The Types of Clients That You Might Meet as An Escort

We are all pretty aware of the kind of service that an escort offers and how it differs from prostitution. But there are certain aspects of the job that might not be soothing to hear. The aspect that we are talking about is the only aspect with which the industry is surviving. Yes, we are talking about clients. Clients that an escort might encounter is unpredictable. So to change this, we decided to debunk this unpredictable nature, we are going to list down some of the types of clients that an escort encounters.

The Regular Ones

The regular or the usual members are the faithful ones, as they might require your service from time to time. They have good connections with the agency and will not cause any delay in payment or misbehave during conversations. These set of people will always tend to pot for the same escort or hire from the same agency. They are not known to change their branches of service and will always be your client.


The Weird Ones

This is a rather forgettable bunch of people who require your services for some weird reasons. Such people believe that escorts can satisfy any of their wishes, and they go ahead to name their bizarre fantasies. There are many escorts who have revealed some of the strangest requests that they have received from clients and some of these requests cannot be described using words of the English language. They might be influenced by the porn industry and some of the actions that they do on screen. Hence, avoiding such people might be the best thing to do.


The Depressed Ones

Depressed individuals are the ones who are vulnerable in life as they are going through a bad phase. Such people might hire an escort for the physical act or might even spend an evening talking about how bad their life has come to. They might be alcoholics, drug addicts and people suffering from anxiety and other clinical disorders. The most important thing that they need in life are therapists and not escorts.


The Newcomer

The sense of excitement that pops in your mind when you are about to discover something new is one of a kind. When it comes to escorts, they witness such excitement in the form of clients who have hit the legal age. These clients might be sweet, innocent or crazy, as they have no clue about what to do and what not to do. Since the only background experience they might have is porn, one cannot predict as to what they would want. But specific escorts and agencies might view them as potential clients as they might come back for round two of things go well in the first round.

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