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Fact is cuddlier than fiction!

Fact is cuddlier than fiction!

At SnakeSense, we have a goal. We want to see Australia become a place where snakes are accepted and respected as a critical component of our unique ecosystems. We want snakes to live without the fear of “death-by-human”.

The key to achieving our goal is education. Raise your hand if you want to save snakes!

Everyone has different amounts of time and financial resources available to give: but don’t despair, there are several ways you can help us.

Become a Fan

If you’re overworked and underfunded (sounds familiar!), it will only take a moment to become a SnakeSense fan. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter, join our mailing list using the box on the right hand side of our website, and subscribe to our blog RSS feed … that’s it! By keeping yourself up-to-date with the world of snake conservation, you’re raising your hand for saving snakes – and that’s all it takes to make a difference.

Spread the Word

If you’re a keen conservationist with a little extra time to spare, become a fan as described above … and take the snake conservation message to the people: your people. Get in touch with your friends and colleagues and encourage them to visit the website, subscribe to our mailing list or join us on Facebook.  Use our Share This option on our blog pages to email friends your favourites stories or post them on Facebook, Twitter or any other online space where you and your friends gather.

Download this PDF of our handy SnakeSense flyer, print a few out and pass them around at your children’s school, your yoga class or your local social or sporting club. Don’t be afraid to make use of the information on this website to combat your neighbour’s anti-snake views or politely correct your father-in-law. Be loud, be proud, be a snake fan!


If you’re a busy snake fan with a spare dollar in the bank, please consider donating. Every dollar makes a difference: and for every donation, no matter how small, we are intensely grateful. Click here to use our secure, online donation account via Paypal. It’s quick, safe and simple: and you don’t need to register your own paypal account.

If you have a few more spare dollars in the bank and would like some positive promotion for your business: consider becoming a sponsor.

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    Scrub PythonThe Scrub Python is Australia’s largest snake, reaching over six metres in length. - for the animals.