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Snake Catching Services

SnakeSense Director, Georgina Beach, releasing a Tiger Snake

SnakeSense Director, Georgina Beach, releasing a Tiger Snake

SnakeSense no longer offers its own snake-catching service.  However, if you’re in the Yarra Valley, we recommend contacting Black Snake Productions.  If you’re in Melbourne or surrounding suburbs, contact Snakehandler.  For other locations, contact the Department of Environment to find out if there is a licensed catcher in your area.

Be aware, most snake-catchers charge for their service, at it is quite expensive to obtain a licence from the Department, and the required training.  Also, it is a skilled, and risky job – so naturally, most folk expect some remuneration.

Meanwhile, here’s some advice to be going on with…

If you see a snake in your garden:

  1. Back away quietly, keeping one eye on the snake
  2. Send family and pets indoors
  3. Switch off anything noisy
  4. Call a snakecatcher immediately
  5. Stay indoors, or at least 30 metres away from the snake, or it will spook and hide, reducing the chances of finding it.

Alternatively, if the snake is inside your house:

  1. Close the door to the room in question and place a towel along the bottom of the door
  2. Call a snakecatcher immediately
  3. Close all other doors inside the house
  4. Turn off anything noisy
  5. Leave the house, and keep everyone outside until the catcher arrives.

Lastly, don’t forget to read our tips on discouraging snakes from around your home.

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    Red Bellied Black Snake in grass The Red-Bellied Black Snake is the only member of the black snake family which gives birth to live young. - for the animals.