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For Children

SnakeSense is available to conduct education sessions in classrooms, school-camps and kindergartens, adapting the type and style of the session to suit the children’s ages, their current curriculum and the aims of the organisation in question.

In the classroom, for example, we can provide a more formal presentation discussing species identification, evolution and environmental role, working with teachers to tailor a question and answer segment providing a basis for essays, drawings or other assessment tasks.

At school-camps and outdoor education facilities, we can take students on a tour of discovery of the world around them, teaching them to see even the smallest element of the bush in a new light.  Tracks, scats and other traces will be pointed out and their significance explained and conservation biology discussed and explored from the reptilian point of view.

In kindergartens and for small groups of younger children, we teach snake safety in an atmosphere promoting respect and caution rather than fear.  The children can choose their favourite native animal (reptile or otherwise) and arrange for SnakeSense to devote a special amount of time to teaching them all about it and its everyday life, and how reptiles help it exist!

Contact us to discuss options to suit you and your special young students.

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    Australia is home to over 40 different Blindsnakes The smallest blindsnakes are just 17cm long, and as thin as a matchstick. - for the animals.