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Community and environmental groups seeking something out of the ordinary to add to their get-togethers are encouraged to invite SnakeSense to make a presentation on the role of reptiles in the environment, the biology of local species and the benefits of reptile conservation to humans.

Workshops can be tailored to look at individual properties and how landholders can contribute to conservation themselves at that crucial, grass roots level, discussing the role of habitat restoration, revegetation, nest-box and species-specific landscaping, wildlife-friendly fencing and the general encouragement and identification of wildlife of all kinds.

Contact us to discuss options to suit you and your group.

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Snakes, camera…action!

Who said it first: never work with children and animals? Well, he or she can't have worked with baby snakes: because...more

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    Unlike many snakes, some pythons brood their eggs Unlike most other snakes, some pythons coil around their eggs to incubate them. - for the animals.