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It's up to us to present snakes in a new light.

It's up to us to present snakes in a new light.

At SnakeSense, we believe in teaching, not preaching.   Knowledge is the key to conservation: and no-one is likely to understand the need to protect and conserve species unless the reasons are explained in a practical context … preferably, without boring the listener to sobs!

But, as modern society focuses more and more upon a materialistic, “me first” view of life, it’s getting harder to grasp the attention of everyday people, even for a moment, when it comes to wildlife.  Ensconced in technology, folk have forgotten that it is still the “birds and the bees”, not our cars and computers, which make our lives possible.

It is up to biologists and ecologists from all disciplines to get out from behind their academic doors and share their wisdom with the masses.  Believe it or not, the life of a biologist is frequently far more fantastical than you could imagine; and the tales they tell can bring even the most disinterested audience to the party.

People need to be inspired … to be fascinated, once more, by the wonders of the natural world: to learn just how humans and all other critters, even the creepiest and crawliest among them, are connected and why.

That’s what we’re here for.  SnakeSense offers two styles of educational demonstration sessions which can be adapted to suit just about any scenario.

For children, we bring the world of biology and conservation to a level they can understand, entertaining and inspiring their imaginative minds with a glimpse into the everyday lives of reptiles.

For adults and community groups, our  presentations emphasise the role of reptiles in the environment and their biology; snake safety, and workshops on conservation at the grass roots scale: what you can do on your own properties to “make a difference”.

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    The world's deadliest snakesSnake venoms are being used to create new, more effective treatments for cancer. - for the animals.