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Taggerty, Victoria 3714

About the Director

SnakeSense Director Georgina Beach handling a Woma Python

SnakeSense Director Georgina Beach handling a Woma Python

Georgina Beach is a qualified biologist, wildlife rehabilitator and snake handler, with a passion for the Australian bush.  Growing up in the Victorian depths of the Great Dividing Range, she spent her childhood spotting, tracking and generally bothering any native animal she could find.

Reaching adulthood, she dived headlong into environmental activism, serving three years on the council of the Australian Conservation Foundation, whilst operating a busy wildlife shelter and undertaking her science degree.

Today, she runs Kingbilli, a 300 acre wildlife refuge and ecotourism property at Taggerty.  Georgina maintains a keen interest in all aspects of wildlife conservation; but her focus centres on the underdogs of the animal kingdom: snakes!

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    Tiger Snakes can be almost any colour, with or without stripes.Not all Tiger Snakes have stripes, and they can be almost any colour. - for the animals.