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Safety Consulting

"Here snakey, snakey..."

"Here snakey, snakey..."

Snakes, of one species or another, inhabit almost every corner of Australia.  Hence, for landholders, business operators and public land managers alike, snake safety is always going to be an issue. 

Whether you are in charge of a garden cafe, a primary school or major construction site, it is important to ensure your premises are secure against entry by snakes, and your outdoor areas are designed in such away as to dissuade snakes from residing close to regular human traffic.  It is important, also, that your staff are aware of “snake-safe” behaviour, and your management and/or construction practices are planned accordingly. 

In addition, the ’safety’ of the snakes – and other resident wildlife – must be similarly considered; ensuring your construction process and/or ongoing management practices are conducted in an environmentally friendly manner.

SnakeSense’s safety consultant will provide a full assessment your land, construction site and/or business premises to ensure your operation is genuinely “snake safe”.  Contact us for more information.

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