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Media Consulting

Media Consulting...with a difference!

Media Consulting...with a difference!

SnakeSense offers tailored media consulting services to assist journalists and film-makers produce well-researched stories which are both accurate and entertaining.  With extensive experience in the compilation and presentation information to the public in print, radio and television formats, SnakeSense can assist and enhance your work on a range of wildlife conservation issues.

Director of SnakeSense, Georgina Beach, is a qualified biologist, wildlife rehabilitator, snake handler and experienced media consultant on “all things wildlife”.   Georgina has worked with numerous journalists, documentary film crews and popular television hosts, handling and presenting a variety of native animals to provide both entertainment and education.

SnakeSense can assist your particular project by researching information, fact-checking or by contributing an independent, expert opinion for interviews or documentaries investigating wildlife conservation in general and reptiles in particular. We are available to work by distance, on location … or … for special projects, we can arrange a suitable natural setting for filming on our unique property, Kingbilli Wildlife Refuge.

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    Mulga SnakeThe ‘King Brown’, a.k.a. Mulga Snake, is in fact a member of the Black Snake family. - for the animals.