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Snakes, camera…action!

SnakeSense's Snake Transport Bin

SnakeSense's Snake Transport Bin

Who said it first: never work with children and animals?  Well, he or she can’t have worked with baby snakes: because this particular snake catch – our first captured on film – obeyed the script to the letter!

Education is key to changing attitudes towards snakes: and there’s nothing like the personal touch.  Unfortunately, however, we can’t bring cute and cuddly snakes around to each and every home… so we’re trying the next best thing: television!  Well, “monitorvision”, in this web-savvy age.

So here’s our first attempt, folks!  See what you think! 

In the warm Autumn sunshine, we were called out to a popular caravan park in Marysville to capture a tiny, one year old Tiger Snake, cowering fearfully under a rock by the park’s amenities block.  This dear little bub, just 40cm long, was far more petrified of her human audience than vice versa… but luckily, we were able to whisk her out of harm’s way and off to a wonderful patch of wilderness where we hope she’ll have the peace and good fortune to grow into a big, happy snake.

Little does she know, she’s about to world famous!   Share her video with your friends, and subscribe to our new channel on Vimeo to see each new video as it comes online!

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SnakeSense's Snake Transport Bin

Snakes, camera…action!

Who said it first: never work with children and animals? Well, he or she can't have worked with baby snakes: because...more

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