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Don’t Knock the Man-Bag, man!

Tiger Snake removed from hand-bag

Tiger Snake removed from hand-bag

In this material age, the modern male has much to carry: wallet, mobile phone, car keys, ipod… Surely, it’s time the man-bag lost its attached stigma and was praised for its practicality. All those important items handily contained, and even better: at the end of a long day, your man-bag is there for you to curl up inside for a nice, comfy snooze…

Hang on … back up a step.

Yes! That’s what startled shoppers discovered in the decorative interior of newly-built Marysville gift shop, when a fashion-conscious male Tiger Snake was found napping inside an elegant, cotton hand-bag, hanging on a clothes rack more than a metre off the shop-floor!

A Tiger Snake was found in this hand-bag

A Tiger Snake was found in this hand-bag

I have to say, I was rather taken aback when the phone rang at 10am Sunday morning: “It’s in where?”

Quick thinkers on the scene had tied the bag tightly closed and moved it outside the shop, standing guard until we arrived. The one metre long snake was exceedingly peeved to be tipped from his choice of fashion accessory into our comparatively vulgar snake-bin; and I imagine was even more put out when said hand-bag was purchased by an equally style-savvy customer who had been waiting patiently nearby until it became “available”.

A gap under the door was clearly to blame, combined with a hot day on Saturday and a general lack of ground cover in Marysville. Seeking a place to hide, this boy would have found the cool concrete floor of the shop interior very appealing.

Georgina releasing a male Tiger Snake

Georgina releasing a male Tiger Snake

Why, however, he chose to climb the clothes rack and spend the night in a hand-bag may never be fully understood…….

SnakeSense met with shopping centre management and recommended all such doors be fitted with a stout seal to prevent future entry by non-human customers … and recommended they take advantage of our Safety Consulting service to check on other aspects of the new building.

He was, mind you, an extremely handsome man, with a brilliant yellow belly; bright, broad stripes and impressively manly arrow-shaped head. Man enough to wear a man-bag with pride … or sleep in it, as the case may be.

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