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Wilfred’s Big Day!

Wilfred the Eastern Brown takes his first look outside

Wilfred the Eastern Brown takes his first look outside

The time has come, and Wilfred the Brown Snake is back in the wild!   Wilfred was rescued from a mass of netting under a kitchen sink (read the full story here), and suffered several wounds from his ordeal. 

But, after some tender loving care and a few days rest and relaxation in the lap of luxury at our shelter, Kingbilli Wildlife Refuge, Wilfred was as good as new. 

So, as soon as the temperatures climbed high enough to suit an Eastern Brown, Wilfred was taken to a secret location in the depths of the wilderness, where he could start a new life with new friends, and not meet any more nasty kitchen sinks!

And he's off!  Good luck Wilfred!

And he's off! Good luck Wilfred!

Slipping away swiftly into the tall grass, he gaves us barely a moment to say goodbye. 

Good luck Wilfred!

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