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Snake Modelling

Georgina and friendly Woma chosen to model for exhibition

Georgina and friendly Woma chosen to model for exhibition

Just before Christmas, SnakeSense’s Georgina Beach had the privilege of spending an afternoon modelling a Woma Python (Aspidites ramsayi) for artistic photographer Viv Mehes.  Viv is putting together an exhibition entitled Spirit of Spine, to celebrate the heart and courage of the communities affected by the Black Saturday Bushfires.  Inspired by SnakeSense’s work to rescue snakes and other wildlife from the fire zone, Viv invited Georgina and her elegant companion to pose for one of the 20 portraits comprising the exhibition.   Since a local Tiger Snake was deemed unlikely to enjoy a lengthy afternoon’s modelling, the young Woma was chosen as an equally symbolic (and rather more cooperative) participant,  generously loaned by local reptile enthusiast, Peter Whybrow.

SnakeSense’s own talented photographer, Duncan Bibby, was there to capture the afternoon’s activities, and you’ll find more photographs in our Photo Gallery and on our Facebook page.

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