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"Here snakey, snakey..."

"Here snakey, snakey..."

Everyone has a tale of the one that got away: but this time it wasn’t running, or swimming … it was hiding!  Having been seen slipping quietly through a tiny gap into the space underneath an enclosed deck in Yea (a perfect example of the need to leave raised decks and houses on stumps clear, open and thus, uninviting), this large Eastern Brown Snake mysteriously disappeared.  After ripping up half the deck and scouring the entire garden, Georgina finally crawled further underneath and found his hiding place – a sliver of a crack into the concrete slab of the adjoining verandah.  Barely big enough to slip in a snake-hook, it was the ideal hideout.  A battle of wits ensued … until at great length, the team admitted defeat.   There was no way that snake was coming out.

This was the first snake SnakeSense has seen and not caught: and we’re not happy!

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    The world's deadliest snakesSnake venoms are being used to create new, more effective treatments for cancer. - for the animals.