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First catch!

Brightly coloured Highland Copperhead

Brightly coloured Highland Copperhead

At last! The new snake season has begun, with our first call-out to a brightly coloured Highland Copperhead.  She was causing rather a stir at a local riverside property at Buxton, where she was found lounging about in their vegetable garden, just as their working party of friends, family and multiple pets arrived to do some gardening.

Fortunately, when we arrived, this little lady was obviously in the depths of a daydream, with her head conveniently hidden under a bunch of grass.  She didn’t even notice Georgina’s stealthy approach, and was tailed and bagged before she knew it.   Sporting a surprisingly coppery head for a Highland, a bright orange collar and matching stripe down her flanks, she was a very pretty girl indeed.

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